The easiest do-it-yourself seat-height adjustment is done on a trainer or indoors in a doorway and requires a friend or spouse to help. Put on your cycling shorts and shoes, mount your bike in the trainer or place your bike in the doorway, get on and hold onto the doorjamb to support yourself. Have your helper stand behind.

To find seat height, place your heels on the pedals and pedal backwards. You've found the optimum seat height when your legs are completely extended at the bottoms of the pedal strokes with your heels on the pedals (photo A). Have your helper watch for rocking hips, the sign that the seat is too high. Now, when you're actually pedaling, you'll have a slight bend in your knees (photo B).


  • This is a starting position. If it feels too low or high, adjust the seat up or down. But, only slightly to fine-tune the adjustment.
  • When you've found the perfect position, mark it with an indelible marker (or wrap electrical tape around the post to mark it) so you won't have to go through the fitting process again.
  • Consider memorizing the measurement, too (measure from the top of the seat to the middle of the crank).