Clay Thomas, AKA, "the Condor" is a flying mountain biking machine that eats single track for breakfast, huge gap jumps for lunch, but skips dinner just to be sure he is light and fresh for the next day's adventure.
You might find the Condor in the middle of an epic 30 mile ride somewhere in the Triangle, out crushing the trails of western NC or anywhere in between. Snow, rain or shine, the Condor loves to ride every type of terrain and condition, however, he does prefer the weightlessness of the mid-flight medium.
When he is not riding bikes, the Condor is either wrenching on bikes, red point flashing 5.10's, or laughing and eating microwave macaroni and cheese while drinking a San Pellegrino.
The Condor rides almost every day, and thinks you should too, so after you read this, go get on your bike and ride some trails, and, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you might just see the Condor fly.