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Available Service Packages and Pricing

Every bicycle is eventually going to need servicing.  With our full service repair centers and certified technicians, The Bicycle Chain and The Clean Machine are always ready to address your repair and maintenance needs.  To make it easier for our customers to understand what is included in our repair packages, as well as what they cost, we have developed the following menu.  And remember, if you purchased your bicycle from any of our five locations, your are entitled to a $30 discount off of any of these packages! 
Service Package #1:  “Basic Maintenance”  Cost = $30.00
Items Included:
  • Adjust handlebar, stem, seat, and quick releases.
  • Lubricate and wipe down chain and gears.
  • Minor Gear and Brake Adjustments 
  • Wipe down frame and fork.
  • Adjust tires to recommended air pressure.
  • We will advise you of any areas of concern.
Service Package #2:  “Gear and Brake”  Cost = $75.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #1.
  • Adjust front and rear brakes.
  • Adjust front and rear shifters.
  • Tighten cranks, chainring bolts, and pedals.
Service Package #3:  “Tune-Up”  Cost = $100.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #2.
  • True wheels.
  • Adjust wheel bearings.
  • Adjust bottom bracket bearings (if applicable).
  • Adjust headset bearings.
  • Wipe down frame, fork, and wheels.
Service Package #3-PM:  "Pro Mountain"   Cost = $255.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #3.
  • Overhaul front fork and rear shock.
  • Replace DU bushings in rear shock.
  • Bleed front and rear hydraulic brakes.
  • Add $30 for internally routed cables
Service Package #3-PR:  "Pro Road"   Cost = $190.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #3.
  • Install new bar tape.
  • Replace all cables and housing.
  • Remove and clean bottom bracket and headset.
  • Add $30 for internally routed cables.
Service Package #4:  "Tune Up and Drivetrain Clean"   Cost = $150.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #3.
  • Remove drivetrain (cassette, crank, and chain) from bicycle.
  • Clean and lubricate individual drivetrain components.
  • Re-install drivetrain on bicycle.
Service Package #5:  "Complete Overhaul"   Cost = $200.00
Items Included:
All items listed in Service Package #4
  • Overhaul of bearing assemblies in headset, hubs, and bottom bracket.
* $30.00 Package Discount For Bicycles Purchased At Any Of Our 5 Stores.
* These Prices Reflect Labor Costs Only, Parts Are Additional.
* All Labor Guaranteed For 30 Days.
* Please save your receipt.

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